Rise of Team Bintang Bisa!

543091_117964108361947_1277353406_nBy: Alex Slowther (IB Yr 12 Student)

In recent weeks, the Bintang Bisa! team – comprising of Sekolah Bisa! students – have excelled in their training. Their positional sense of play has improved in the sense that they can get in free spaces for passing without the advice from coaches although some players may need the occassional encouragement from us. The passing is 10 times better compared to the first time we had them. Only one used to be able to pass it straight to us with power and now all of them have found that extra spice of power and confidence to pass it straight, with the lack of no ferocity. Another surprising element that the children have acquired is the ability to header the ball. Despite the ball being thrown from 2 feet away from them, they have shown their ability, no matter how big or small, to header it with relative force and accuracy to our coaches.

Their communication and chemistry with the Bintang Bisa! coaching team has excelled to the point where we all know each others names and we talk both in and out of training whenever we meet. This is a vital and important factor in making a team strong for the JSFA tournament in January. Being a former player in the league, I have noticed that when I have played for a team with a strong bond between each other, we have finished in a much more higher and respected position than other occassions when half the team won’t talk to the other half. I have spotted no problems with our team and I am sure we are almost 100% mentally ready for the league to kick off.

The recent arrival of the team’s game kits have helped due to the excitement they have had on the children as well as the coaches (they do have their names on the back of the kits). The design is wonderful and the colour will make them stand out amongst other teams who prefer to wear either red, blue or white from my experience. I believe that since the last post we (the coaches and I) have definitely seen a huge improvement that we are very proud of and we hope for the continued rise of the Team, Bintang Bisa!