CAS JSFA – Debut Game Almost a Dream Start

CAS JSFA Team Bintang Bisa Debut

CAS JSFA – Debut Game Almost a Dream Start

by Nicholas Walters

Saturday, the 12th of January, 2013. An early start to the day fuelled with the buzz and excitement of starting the new JSFL season for both players and coaches. As coaches, we have seen tremendous progress with their capability on the pitch and this is the opportunity for the players who live in a dark, gloomy shanty to shine in the game.

Before the football match against the Jakarta Japan Club (JJC), we did very important stretching routines and basic skills drills such as passing, headers and intercepting while defending to ensure that the players are warmed up and to get the adrenaline going. Afterwards, we revealed the starting nine to the squad. Yet despite this, we are aware about those on the bench and we certainly gave everybody a chance to experience competitive football today.

This was their first ever competitive game which is a huge leap from their causal games in the ‘kampoeng’. I would by lying if I said that the players did not show any nerves. But, we gave them a very strong message to not play the occasion, but to play their own game with a winning mentality regardless what the opposition does. Afterwards, the players were ready, ‘pumped’ and could not wait for the whistle to blow.

The referee blows his whistle and the game is underway. We were delighted to see that Bintang Bisa! has made a bright start to the game dominating possession and the passing game which led to a fantastic goal by Mudi-our captain-early in the game. Sadly, our lead diminished after conceding a goal but it did not affect their spirits by any means.  Mudi shortly afterwards scored another wonderful finish and sent a message to the crowd that kids from the shanty are in it to win it. The first quarter ended with a 2-1 advantage in favour for us.

The second quarter got underway and we could not believe the shift in momentum football provides. Yet again, our lead came to an end. No problem for us as Indra-our lone striker up front-gave a response by scoring a goal. Our lead doubled after Mudi completed his first ever hat-trick in a competitive game.

Unfortunately, one moment in the match turned everything around. It is a defender’s worst nightmare to handle the ball in the penalty box. We did not think that the defender deliberately handled the ball, but it had to stand. Yoga-our goalkeeper who has been excellent so far-nearly got a touch to the penalty kick, but it went into the back of the net. This was the trigger point of our bad run of defending over the third quarter.

Bintang Bisa! was due a comeback into the game, especially when you consider the amount of passion and commitment the players have demonstrated both on and off the pitch. Indra managed to restore hope to the team with a late goal, but it was to late. In the end we lost 6-5.

It was an especially difficult loss to accept, particularly when we played great football and scored five goals which were far beyond our expectation. We are very proud of the players and all credit to their efforts.

One of the greatest things about this league is that another opportunity awaits a week or two after the game. This week, we have a league game at BIS on Saturday at 8:30 am. The day after, we have a cup tie at BIS at 9am. Be sure to be there and we thank you for your much appreciated support.