Marvellous Marcia

SCAN0001Thank-you Marcia Pratt for donating Rp.500,000. We have deposited this to the Sekolah Bisa! Health Fund via the British International School Jakarta cashier. The CAS optimal health team have a target of Rp32,000,000 to raise which will enable each child to receive a course of 3 vaccinations for Hep A&B (Twinrix). A vaccine that protects each child their entire lives. You’re simply marvellous Marcia. Thank you for being a friend of Sekolah Bisa!


One response to “Marvellous Marcia

  1. It was great going to CAS this week and presenting them with enough vitamins to carry the children over for a few months and then being able to deposit some donated funds into the Optimal Health account in order for us to build up a bank to get Twinrix vaccinations for all of the children. This has been a long term plan for us and one we are keen to see come to fruition. Like the vitamins every day, this initiative has long term ramifications for protecting the future health of the children, a small thing that we all take for granted as a given. So thanks Marcia, and every Marcia out there who has donated nappies for baby Erik, vitamins for all the children and everything else that we have seemingly just put out there as needed.

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