About SB!

Sekolah Bisa! Recipient of the 2011 Peter Ustinov Outreach Award

Most of the children enrolled at Sekolah Bisa! lived in the Bulakan shanty, close to Pondok Ranji station, abutting the toll road to Pondok Indah (an outer suburb in the south of Jakarta). The site had already been a focus of a project run by 2011 ‘Duke of Edinburgh Award’ students at BIS, who formed the Bulakan United team in the 2011 Jakarta School’s Football League. Sekolah Bisa! emerged from the soccer initiative once the BIS students were aware that many in the Bulakan team had never been to school. So, what began with soccer, ended with a school.

Conceived, designed and managed by students in the IB Diploma program at The British International School Jakarta (BIS), Sekolah Bisa! is a life-enhancing micro-school for an enrolment of 25 shanty-dwelling, primary-age, Indonesian children, whom the IB CAS students are empowering with a previously unobtainable education. Without this restitution the children would still be scavenging through refuse for recyclable materials or begging on streets and at railway stations.

The project continues to demonstrate extraordinary fortitude in young people, who proved undaunted in the face of a challenging and risky task: that of affirming the dignity of children who live in a shadow-land of indigence and exclusion. It also reveals a capacity in young people to respond to fissures in society by proposing an equality of provision for all children, rather than few.  Originating in the ‘Creativity, Action, Service’ (CAS) of the IB Diploma, Sekolah Bisa! is aligned to UNICEF and UN “Education For All” objectives as well as linked to Pendekar Anak’s “Champions of Children” mission. In other words, what the students propose in Sekolah Bisa! dovetails with how social justice institutions articulate how the lives of Indonesia’s children may be made better.

Opened on the 8th April 2011 Sekolah Bisa! is supported by The Body Shop Indonesia, who donated the land where the school stands. Sekolah Bisa! and the BIS IB CAS students are supported by CAS students of IB schools in Jakarta: BIS; Bandung International School (BIS) and BINUS, as well as parents, teachers and friends across the world who are sympathetic to the cause of social justice.

British International School Jakartahttp://www.bis.or.id/

Bandung International Schoolhttp://www.bisdragons.com/

BINUS  http://simprug.binus-school.net/default.aspx      •    BINUS CAS Services Club


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