Team Coordinator: Michelle Lim; The Team: Joshua (Josh) Parsons, Nathan Soete, Alex Slowther, Nicholas (Nick) Walters, Amanda Watson and Megan Roby.  The CAS JSFA group of 7 manage the U10 football team Bintang Bisa!. They train the children weekly, provide them with snacks post training, get them kitted up and transport them to/from their games. If you have any football boots or shin pads (primary-age child size), drop them into the BIS CAS unit or find a Friend of Sekolah Bisa! to take them in to JSFA CAS coordinator, Michelle Lim or the rest of CAS JSFA team.

UNICEF’S Rights of a Child. In particular: Article 31 recognizes “… the right of the child to rest and leisure, to engage in play and recreational activities appropriate to the age of the child.” We are advocates of this article by ensuring that children from shantys near our school enter the Jakarta schools’ JFSA Coca Cola League.

22nd January 2013 Update: Bintang Bisa! has made a good start despite losing 6-5 in our first game. We are very proud about their performance, especially when considering the fact that we played against a club that is fully sophisticated for football. We are going to play two games this weekend. The first one is this Saturday 8:30 at BIS. The following day comes a cup game for the players at 9:00 at BIS. The timings for the games above are valid provided that the football association does not change the timings. Nicholas Walters

Check out the CAS JSFA Facebook page. Follow Bintang Bisa’s standing in the JSFA League and find out the date for their next match.


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