The Team’s main objectives are to manage Sekolah Bisa!’s day-to-day running as efficiently as possible, and to ensure the children are fully supported at SB!. This is complex task for a group of young IB students, but under the guidance of CAS Coordinator, Mr. Thirkell, and volunteer supervisor, Mr. Brown, this team is constantly at work for the betterment of SB!.

BIS IB CAS Coordinator: Mr Adrian Thirkell

YEAR 13s: Rohan Thomas, Suka Junin, Dian Anderson, Min Ji Kim, Alan Robinson, Chester Tan, Alvin Susilo

YEAR 12s: Jesslyn Tannady, Rebecca Tan, Mikaila Darmawan, Kalvin Wang, Jae Seon Hong, Malavika Hemanth, Hazwan Nadzri

Weekly duties vary from keeping in contact with SB! teachers, volunteers, and Mr. Thirkell, and the other equally important CAS groups for the latest updates, to designing this website, to monitoring all the money coming in and going out of the SB! fund.


One response to “Management

  1. Hi, I’m a fin art teacher. A friend of mine Jianfu is a volunteer teacher in SB. I’m thinking that by any chance I can do something for those kids? Thanx!

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