Projects & Programmes

Ela with Birth Certificate

Ela with her long awaited Birth Certificate

BIRTH CERTIFICATES: An absolutely invaluable group to Sekolah Bisa!, ​the Birth Certificate Group handles the vital role of finding and registering the students of Sekolah Bisa! into the legal system. We discovered amongst marginalised communities in Jakarta that many children are not registered as citizens of their own country, with negative consequences for access to health, education and mobility. With their Birth Certificates the students can then apply for government-funded healthcare and attend public schools once they graduate from SB! An article published in the Jakarta Globe (16 March, 2012) explains the process.

UNICEF’S Rights of a Child. In particular: Articles 7 & 8: The child shall be registered immediately after birth and … have the right … to a name … a nationality … and to preserve his or her identity …. ; Article 28: (Right to education): All children have the right to a primary education, which should be free. …. Young people should be encouraged to reach the highest level of education of which they are capable.

Supervisor: Mr. Thirkell; Coordinator: Diego Goentoro

BUKU BARU: Our primary aim and objective is to get a new range of books to diversify the type of books available for the children at Sekolah Bisa!. Although the Sekolah Bisa! library is not exactly lacking in books, we hope for the children to have access to all the resources we can readily provide them with – so they can learn to the best of their abilities. Bearing this in mind,we plan to receive any old books, or donations to fund these new books.

Supervisor: Mr. Jolly; Coordinator: Rama Ferguson

FRUIT FRIENDS: is a highly proactive group consisting of IB students dedicated to providing Sekolah Bisa children with nutritional support, in the form of rice, milk, and a range of fruit, with the help of sponsors on a weekly basis.

Supervisor: Mr. Thirkell; Coordinator: Ajay Puri

Eco Friendly Shoe Rack

Eco Friendly Shoe Rack

SB! DESIGN & BUILD: ​The Design and Build Group’s aim is to provide stable and lasting furniture for Sekolah Bisa!, whether it be a book stand or a shoe rack. The Group is always looking to improve the aesthetics and of course, functionality of Sekolah Bisa! to create an optimum learning environment for the children.

Supervisor: Mr. Jolly; Coordinator: Jeremy Elliot


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