Lunch is On Us!

Ibu Sumarti, originally employed to teach sewing in the “Skills Loft” (and whose salary through to August 2013 is sponsored by a donation from the BWA Jakarta 2012 Cool Britannia Golf Tournament), prepares a lunch every school day made from fresh ingredients. Lunch usually consists of lightly cooked vegetables, rice and a protein. Many of the children arrive at school without breakfast and for most it is their only nutritious meal of the day. Teaching volunteers noticed that the attention of the children sometimes waned and they found the children glancing over to the lunch area in anticipation of their meal. It’s hard to learn on an empty tummy! The food fund established by the Friends of SB! has made it consistently possible to vary the diet of the children and introduced different proteins such as eggs, tofu, fish and chicken more than once a week. As of 21st September 2012 Sekolah Bisa! had enough funds to cover meals for the children for the following 7 months (read about the Pop-Up).

CAS IB students who monitor expenses at SB! (Ajay and Dian) have estimated the cost for rice, based on 25 portions served 5 days a week, to be Rp.9000 per day. The student team then worked out the figures for the additional cost of vegetables and proteins. 125 meals a week (that is, 500 a month) at a cost of Rp.1.7million is Rp.3400 per meal.

Understandably, children at SB! are undernourished. The CAS Optimal Health team with health advisors, Judy Clayton R.N. and Dr Felicia Tan, are very concerned that the children receive the vitamins and mineral intake they need and a good diet is paramount to their well-being, to ensure they stay healthy enough to attend school. In addition the children take a daily multi-vitamin supplement. Literally thousands are required annually. If you would like to sponsor vitamin purchase please contact the IB CAS Coordinator.


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