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Running a school is costly, even for one with as seemingly simple a setup as Sekolah Bisa! Every small thing must be paid for and it all eats away at donated funds. From purchasing first aid supplies (children who have as a home and playground a refuse tip area, end up with nails in feet, glass cuts…), to medical expenses when the children are unwell (immunity is low when a diet lacks proper nutrition), immunisations, dental care (malnutrition is not a friend of good dental health – the children are lucky in that for many only their baby teeth have been affected, SB! are teaching good dental health to protect their adult teeth), fresh fruit to supplement their one consistent daily meal and help increase their vitamin intake, daily vitamins to supplement their inadequate diet, shoes (school, sport, football boots), clothing (they wear hand-me-down BIS uniforms and other clothes, we are always seeking more – just like our children SB! children grow), umbrellas to keep them dry walking to and from their angkot pickup/dropoff point, art supplies, pens and pencils, books, work books, garden maintenance, building maintenance, staff salaries,… Friends of Sekolah Bisa! help with fundraising. Join the Friends of Sekolah Bisa!  If you would like to help in the running of events, make a donation or attend our next fundraising event or activity please contact us. Email Please come back to the SB! Blog for details of the next FOSB event or activity.

  1. Become a Vitamin Victor! Help us with the funding of multivitamin purchases. We are seeking donations and sponsorship for the SB! Health Fund to enable the purchase of chewable vitamins. The children are very malnourished. SB! expat health advisors (Judy Clayton R.N. and Dr. Felicia Tan) have recommended a daily course of vitamins for each child.  Can you help us source the vitamins or become a part sponsor for a bulk purchase? Email the CAS Management Team
  2. Become a Foot Friend (25-30 children need new shoes at a cost of Rp80,000 each, every 3 months).
  3. Be an Paket Exam Pal: We want to set up an examination fund (SB! need Rp.6,000,000 by April 2013 to permit some of the students to sit their Indonesian Packet A examinations to allow them to progress their education to middle school).
  4. Become a Fruit Friend: 25-30 pieces of fruit are needed 5 days a week to help increase the dietary vitamin intake. Contact Ajay Puri to get a day allocated where you supply the fruit. If we have enough volunteers on the schedule you may only have to do this once or twice a month. For an example of costs, a bag of 25 mandarines is approximately Rp.75,000-Rp.85,000. Send your driver to buy the fruit from Giant Bintaro and drop the fruit with receipt in to SB! Giant Bintaro pay a % of every receipt received to SB! Or donate several months in advance to the SB! Lunch Account and we’ll make the purchase on your behalf.
  5. We’re also facilitating ways and means to enable Saturday activities which will keep the children engaged, active and away from the dangers of begging and help them establish their micro business.

Read about the 21 September 2012 Pop-Up Restaurant Fundraiser


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