Optimal Health

Staying Well – with the help of the CAS Optimal Health Team

Coordinators: Megan Roby and Jessica Fushada; Team: Annabel Nugent, Laura Jackson, Khadijah Asif, Rakshindh Sekon and Rahul Nanwani

The CAS Health Team, mentored by expatriate volunteers Judy Clayton (R.N.) and Dr Felicia Tan, care for the well being of the children each week.

Understandably, children at SB! look undernourished and the CAS Optimal Health team with health advisors, Judy Clayton R.N. and Dr Felicia Tan, ensure they get healthy to keep them attending school. They are concerned that the children get the vitamins and mineral intake they need and are constantly sourcing chewable multi-vitamins for the children either with a sponsor to make the purchase, a discounted rate to purchase in bulk or an all out donation. Literally thousands are required annually.

UNICEF’S Rights of a Child: Article 24 recognises all children have the right to “the highest attainable standard of health, including access to primary health care, nutritious foods and clean drinking-water.” We are advocates of this article through the provision of nutritious daily lunches and through monitoring the health of all the children we support.

27 September 2012: Some of the team inventoried donated items from the 21st September Pop-Up fundraiser.

Meet the CAS Health Team


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