What the World Says

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  1. Flatclass Project by Jason Graham youtube (Support from schools such as BIS Bandung, who visit Sekolah Bisa! a few times each year, no matter how small or infrequent is is always welcome and helps to continue to raise the profile of Sekolah Bisa!)
  2. Now! Jakarta (18 January 2012)
  3. Utube video by students Christian Febrianto and Joshua Sentosa (music: Moricone – The MIssion, Gabriel’s Oboe – played by Yo-Yo Ma)
  4. BBC World Class: The Sekolah Bisa! Story
  5. Jakarta Post 18 August 2011 – A Helping Hand
  6. From Amalina Islamic School: mini-documentary 

International Recognition to Sekolah Bisa!

ECIS (a leading collaborative global network promoting and supporting the ideals and best practices of international education) has a partnership with the Peter Ustinov Foundation to provide funding for outreach projects at ECIS member schools. The foundation, since its inception by Ustinov in 1999, backs commendable aid initiatives. Its mission is to help children in need, children who are often the victims of prejudice. In 2011 the British International School, Jakarta was recipient of a grant for  Sekolah Bisa! “Transition School for Indonesian Unschooled Children” The Sekolah Bisa! project aims to enable selected unschooled Indonesian children who are made to collect and recycle rubbish for a living by their families, to have an opportunity to education. The Ustinov Grant is the first ever to be awarded to an educational project in South East Asia.

Since 2008 the Peter Ustinov Foundation has been presenting the annual Peter Ustinov Outreach Award to outstanding international schools engaging in humanitarian projects that benefit children and adolescents. The award honors up to four schools each year belonging to the European Council of International Schools (ECIS) network that do an exemplary job of supporting young people – especially in developing and newly industrialized countries – while combating prejudice and promoting a culture of diversity and mutual respect. The schools’ activities thereby reflect the beliefs of our founder, Sir Peter Ustinov.

As part of their efforts, upper-grade students from the ECIS member schools and their teachers initiate humanitarian projects that actively aid youngsters in need. Through this form of “service learning” the participating students gain experience that shows them what it means to take responsibility and assist others; at the same time, it helps them develop lifelong social skills. In particular, the award honors those projects that, beyond their humanitarian objectives, actively reduce prejudice. It is presented by Igor Ustinov at an award ceremony held each year.

The ECIS aid projects are especially reflective of the foundation’s goals, since they benefit both sides: the participating students, whose social competencies are increased over the course of their activities, and the children and adolescents who receive assistance in their local environment. Through the Peter Ustinov Outreach Award, the foundation wants to ensure that coming generations benefit from Sir Peter’s commitment to a world free of prejudice. For more information on the award, please visit the website of the European Council of International Schools.


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